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I have wanted to be a physician as long as I can remember. Every day I am grateful for the opportunity to pursue this lifelong calling.

However, what we have all come to value most – the ability to form a deeply personal physician-patient connection – is rapidly becoming impossible in today’s healthcare environment. Adhering to insurance restrictions with an ever-vigilant eye on the clock is the new reality, continually eroding the most critical component of primary care.

Establishing a strong relationship with patients is the essence of good medicine. Taking the time to talk, and really listen, to each patient is the only way to thoroughly address all aspects of care. The opportunity to ask the right questions virtually always enables us to discover the right answers.

I believe my concierge practice provides the best sustainable path for the future. You are able to reach me by phone 24/7 and know that I will be with you whenever and wherever needed, at my office, overseeing your care at the hospital or visiting you in your home.

At Vanguard Integrative Medicine, I will be able to see you promptly, and offer extended time to address complex conditions, answer your concerns and proactively focus on wellness…and there will be no questions left unanswered at the end of your visit!

I could not be more excited about the promise of concierge medicine for my patients.

– Brad Reedy, DO